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Engagement, Leadership and Learning

Progress toward achieving success in  Engagement, Leadership and Learning is guided by the following aspirational statements. Each statement is grounded by multiple near-term goals called  Waypoints. As waypoints are achieved, new goals will take their place as identified through the cyclical Compass Process.

1. Engagement Opportunities for Students

Student Life fosters diverse opportunities for all students to engage meaningfully as they develop their purpose while at West Virginia University.

  Waypoint 1 - Student Life will create a self-paced, intentional collection of experiences, activities, and events to enable students to make the most of their collegiate experience while developing highly desirable character traits and life skills. –Launch late fall 2021/early spring 2022

  Waypoint 2 - Increase minoritized and non-traditional students’ awareness of and participation in Student Life programs.

  1. Create intentional partnerships with Centers and offices which serve minoritized and non-traditional students to reduce barriers and encourage participation in campus life. 
  2. Contact marginalized students individually to aid them in their engagement with the WVU community and foster a greater sense of belonging. 

  Waypoint 3 - Create a student engagement model for all students based on Residence Life’s “Intentional Interaction” model.

  1. Create an exploratory group to pilot and develop a scalable program. Spring 2022

2. Evaluation of Student Learning Outcomes

Student Life embraces the knowledge that students learn both inside and outside the classroom, creating and maximizing opportunities for practical learning development through programs and services.  

  Waypoint 1 - Increase division-wide awareness of and familiarity with Student Learning Outcomes (SLO). May 2022

  1. Measure a baseline of Staff understanding of SLO’s.  Spring 2022
  2. Highlight existing SLO’s amongst Student Life programs
  3. Provide staff training opportunities at Directors meetings, Coffee Breaks, December Conference, etc.
  4. Re-assess in May 2023

  Waypoint 2 - Create baseline departmental student learning outcomes.  December 2022

  1. Create annual divisional assessment of student participation in programs with connected SLO.  May 2023

3. Student Leadership Development

Student Life programs, services and student employment opportunities provide real world experiential leadership opportunities in which students are empowered to learn, apply and gather feedback on leadership competencies while making an impact on campus. 

  Waypoint 1 - Identify existing opportunities and create an inventory of leadership development opportunities within the Student Life Division by August 2022.

  Waypoint 2 - Develop language and communication materials to highlight the leadership development opportunities inherent in many of Student Life’s programs, services and student employment opportunities. May 2022

  Waypoint 3 - Implement a communications plan to increase awareness of Student Life Leaders , using the Student Athlete of the Week program as a guide. Fall 2023

  Waypoint 4 -  Identify Opportunities for Student Advisory Boards or other functional student leadership roles to enhance programs and services while creating leadership opportunities 

  1. Identify and promote existing opportunities via a centralized website location. May 2022

  Waypoint 5 - Assess the demographic representation of the WVU student body in Student Life programs and services’ leadership roles. (May 2022)

  1. Based on the results of the assessment, develop an action plan to increase engagement in student leadership by minoritized and non-traditional students. December 2022