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The Student Life Mission

The Student Life Division supports West Virginia University’s student-centered learning environment, allows students to fully develop, and, in partnership with our University colleagues, offers the highest quality programs, services, and opportunities, based on a foundation of values and the Mountaineer Creed.

Our Values

The following values guide the Student Life mission:

Absolute integrity

Be honest at all times: Always tell the truth.

Commitment to excellence

Set and adhere to high standards: Do the right thing.


Be competent in your job: Know your job and do it well.

Respect human dignity and cultural diversity

Be respectful of others.

Compassion and humility

Be kind, understanding, humble, and tolerant of others.

Clear and concise communication

Pass on the right information and be a good listener.

The Mountaineer Creed

As a Mountaineer, I Will:

  • practice academic and personal integrity
  • value wisdom and culture
  • foster lifetime learning
  • practice civic responsibility and good stewardship
  • respect human dignity and cultural diversity

In order to become a meaningful member of West Virginia University and the society in which I live, I dedicate my energy, my talents, and my intellect to these standards of excellence.