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Leadership and Directors

The Student Life team and I are thrilled to be a part of your child's journey at WVU. We exist to provide an extraordinary and transformative experience for your student every day that they are at WVU.

Corey Farris

Dean of Students


Carrie's portrait

Carrie Showalter

Assistant Dean and Executive Director Campus and Community Life

View Profile: Carrie Showalter
Sabrina's portrait

Sabrina Cave

Executive Director Office of Student Enrichment

View Profile: Sabrina Cave
Trish's portrait

Trish Cendana

Executive Director Housing and Residence Life

View Profile: Trish Cendana
Nathan's portrait

Nathan Harlan

Executive Director Office of Student Wellness

View Profile: Nathan Harlan

Eric Andrews

Director Arts and Entertainment

View Profile: Eric Andrews
T. Anne's portrait

T. Anne Hawkins

Director Carruth Center for Counseling and Psychological Services

View Profile: T. Anne Hawkins


Andy's portrait

Andy Darling

Director Campus Recreation

View Profile: Andy Darling
Chris's portrait

Chris Schmoldt

Interim Director Mountainlair Student Union

View Profile: Chris Schmoldt
C.J.'s portrait

C.J. Belknap

Director Adventure WV

View Profile: C.J. Belknap
Courtney's portrait

Courtney Weaver

Director WellWVU

View Profile: Courtney Weaver
Eric's portrait

Eric Ohara

Interim Director Housing Services

View Profile: Eric Ohara
Javier's portrait

Javier McCoy

Interim Director Center for Black Culture

View Profile: Javier McCoy
Jill's portrait

Jill Gibson

Director Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities

View Profile: Jill Gibson
Josh's portrait

Josh Steger

Director Esports

View Profile: Josh Steger
Madison's portrait

Madison Cook

Director Student Media

View Profile: Madison Cook
Matthew's portrait

Matthew Richardson

Director Center of Fraternal Values and Leadership

View Profile: Matthew Richardson
Olivia's portrait

Olivia Pape

Director Collegiate Recovery Services

View Profile: Olivia Pape
Paul's portrait

Paul Heddings

Director Office of Academic Integrity

View Profile: Paul Heddings
Thanh's portrait

Thanh Le

Director Student Engagement and Leadership

View Profile: Thanh Le
Tyler's portrait

Tyler Gailey

Interim Director Residence Life

View Profile: Tyler Gailey