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Strategic Compass


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We often hear, "It's not the destination, It's the journey." The Division of Student Life at West Virginia University couldn't agree more.

As we work to support students in their journey through WVU, we are also focused on our own pathways. Student Life is made up of over 20 unique departments and affiliates, each working to support and enhance the student experience. Our Strategic Compass provides the navigational tools to undertake the journey of continual innovation, growth and improvement. Explore each of the Compass Points below and their corresponding Waypoints.

Interested in the development of the Strategic Compass? Read more about its creation by visiting the page linked below.

About the Strategic Compass Process

The Strategic Compass Points

Explore and learn about the points along the Strategic Compass.

Normalized Practice and Operational Effectiveness

Using industry standards, innovation, and evidence-based practices to work smarter.

Learn About this Compass Point: Normalized Practice and Operational Effectiveness

Support and Advocacy

Supporting our students in their WVU journey from start to finish and beyond.

Learn About this Compass Point: Support and Advocacy

Engagement, Leadership and Learning

Identifying and maximizing student learning and development through rich programming and community building opportunities.

Learn About this Compass Point: Engagement, Leadership and Learning


Supporting Students and Staff as holistic individuals through evidence based practice and a culture of wellbeing.

Learn About this Compass Point: Wellbeing