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Strategic Compass

A Plan for the Division of Student Life

We often hear, "It's not the Destination, It's the journey." The Division of Student Life at West Virginia University couldn't agree more.

As we work to support students in their journey through WVU, we are also focused on our own pathways. Student Life is made up of over 20 unique departments and affiliates, each working to support and enhance the student experience. Our Strategic Compass provides the navigational tools to undertake the journey of continual innovation, growth and improvement. Explore each of the Compass Points below and their corresponding Waypoints.

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compass points

Explore and learn about the points along the Strategic Compass.

Normalized Practice and Operational Effectiveness

Using industry standards, innovation, and evidence based practices to work smarter as the Division of Student Life.

Support and Advocacy

Supporting our students in their WVU journey from start to finish and beyond.

Engagement, Leadership and Learning

Identifying and maximizing student learning and development through rich programming and community building opportunities.


Supporting Students and Staff as holistic individuals through evidence based practice and a culture of wellbeing. 

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Normalized Practice and Operational Effectiveness

Progress toward achieving success in Normalized Practice and Operational effectiveness is guided by the following aspirational statements:

  1. Student Life departments, programs and operations are based on standards, aligned with industry best practices.  Staff throughout the Division will collaborate to achieve maximum efficiencies and influence.
  2. Professional development is a hallmark of the Student Life employee experience across all levels and departments.
  3. Student Life programs and services share a common commitment to student development and competency outcomes. 
  4. Student Life will embrace a greater commitment to assessment and research to better document and communicate the benefits and return on investing human, financial and social resources in Student Life programs and services.

Explore Normalized Practice and Operational Effectiveness  

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Support and Advocacy

Progress toward achieving success in Support and Advocacy is guided by the following aspirational statements:

  1. Student Life staff have expert knowledge of the on- and off-campus resources and support available to students and can confidently and accurately connect them to vital services.
  2. Student Life departments and programs consistently support students’ journey from recruitment to career and beyond.

Explore Support and Advocacy  

Students Engaged in group play on the Evansdale Athletic Fields

Engagement, Leadership and Learning

Progress toward achieving success in Engagement, Leadership and learning is guided by the following aspirational statements:

  1. Student Life fosters diverse opportunities for all students to engage meaningfully as they develop their purpose while at West Virginia University.
  2. Student Life embraces the knowledge that students learn both inside and outside the classroom, creating and maximizing opportunities for practical learning development through programs and services. 
  3. Student Life programs, services and student employment opportunities provide real world experiential leadership opportunities in which students are empowered to learn, apply and gather feedback on leadership competencies while making an impact on campus.

Explore Engagement, Leadership and Learning  

Students practicing yoga on the Athletic Fields


Progress toward achieving success in Wellbeing is guided by the following aspirational statements:

  1. Student Life systematically addresses wellbeing for students using the WVU Wellbeing Model and evidence-based practice.  
  2. Student Life is recognized for supporting a healthy work-life balance among staff and promoting employee wellbeing.

Explore Wellbeing  

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