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Progress toward achieving success in Wellbeing is guided by the following aspirational statements. Each statement is grounded by multiple near-term goals called Waypoints. As waypoints are achieved, new goals will take their place as identified through the cyclical Compass Process.

1. Student and Employee Wellbeing

Student Life systematically addresses wellbeing for students using the WVU Wellbeing Model and evidence-based practice.  

  Waypoint 1 - Student Life Units will work cooperatively with subject matter experts to collectively address Mental Health, Outreach and Stress Management

  1. Units and programs will be encouraged to answer the question annually, How will your unit work to support Student Mental Health and Wellbeing? December 2022
  2. Units will report on progress as part of annual reporting.
  3. Student Life will focus a Coffee Break session or other division wide event on Mental Health and Wellness trends and best practices annually.
  4. Share relevant wellbeing data to help inform practice and awareness.

  Waypoint 2 - Student Life Units will work cooperatively to address substance misuse among the student body through Prevention, Education, Support and Treatment efforts.

  1. All Student Life employees will be able to accurately represent programs and services and general strategy that help address substance misuse among students.  December 2022

  Waypoint 3 - Student Life will assemble a committee to review institutional ACHA survey data. The Office of Health Promotion and Wellness Strategic Goals and other units’ strategies will inform Strategic Compass Wellbeing Waypoints priorities. May 2022

2. Healthy Work-Life Balance

Student Life is recognized for supporting a healthy work-life balance among staff and promoting employee wellbeing.

  Waypoint 1 - Student Life employees will be supported in their personal wellbeing through data-informed practice.

  1. Student Life will highly encourage staff participation in the National Faculty and Staff Health Assessment. December 2021
  2. Data collected from NFSHA will be used to inform Student Life Employee wellbeing priorities for 2022 and beyond. May 2022

  Waypoint 2 - Student Life staff and departments will be given options to care for their own mental and overall wellbeing

  1. Student Life will work with Talent & Culture to clarify the use of sick leave for “mental health” or “wellbeing” days. (December 2022)
  2. Student Life departments will be provided with options to implement departmental self-care/wellness breaks such as Yoga, Mindfulness, Self Care and community wellness options.

  Waypoint 3 - Student Life Staff leadership and supervisors will be well versed in an increasing array of wellbeing programs, services and supportive practices to help ensure employee wellbeing

  1. Ensure supervisors and employees are aware of FSAP, Leave Policies and options as well as services such as Campus Rec Memberships.
  2. Employees will be encouraged to improve their in-office habits contributing to overall health and wellbeing, such as stand-up desks or better seating and lighting.
  3. Connect Student Life employees with financial wellbeing opportunities at Coffee Breaks or other opportunities. 

  Waypoint 4 - As deemed appropriate by departmental leadership, supervisors will be equipped and encouraged to support flexible work hours and work locations provided that operational needs and a student-centered environment is maintained.  

  1. By Fall 2021, eligible staff will be on hybrid work arrangements.
  2. Hybrid work arrangements will be periodically assessed for impact to employee wellbeing as well as operational effectiveness.

  Waypoint 5 - Student Life Leadership will work with Talent and Culture to provide guidance on work/life balance as it relates to high demand timeframes. Spring 2022

  Waypoint 6 - Offer at least two optional professional community development outings per year to foster community wellbeing between and within Student Life units (example: challenge course events, May retreat) Fall 2022

  1. Develop quarterly recreational and social community group activities for employees to participate in together across the University. Spring 2022